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Tell your MP: The Government must not Safeguard coal

Right now, the Albanese Government is finalising its signature climate policy; the Safeguard Mechanism. 

The Safeguard was created by Tony Abbott’s Coalition Government to prevent emissions from Australia’s biggest polluters from going up. But it is a broken policy that has failed to impose limits on polluters, instead allowing big coal, oil and gas companies to increase emissions and make expansions that trash First Nations’ cultural heritage. 

That’s why we need the Federal Government to fix the broken Safeguard Mechanism. A reformed Safeguard Mechanism could force Whitehaven Coal, Adani and every coal company in Australia to start cutting their emissions and make it harder for them to expand their existing coal mines. 

The Safeguard Mechanism reforms are due to be finalised and legislated this month, and so to make it harder for fossil fuel companies to expand and pollute, together we need to push the government to fix the Safeguard Mechanism.

Write to your MP and Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen now to tell them they must fix the Safeguard Mechanism!

So what are you waiting for?

Together, we can move Australia beyond coal!