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Donate to Move Beyond Coal!

Australia's is one of the world's largest exporters of coal - the number one cause of climate change. Right now, corporations like Whitehaven Coal are planning to dig up more new coal projects in Australia than anywhere else on the planet. 

It doesn't matter where Australia's coal is burned, people everywhere are facing the impacts here and now, with catastrophic floods, bushfires, heat waves, droughts, and more extreme weather events. That’s why our big, bold and people-powered movement is needed now more than ever.

But we need your help to support our Move Beyond Coal groups and our school strikers across the nation to take action, organise and mobilise in their communities, to ensure our Federal government cannot ignore the urgent call to keep coal in the ground, and ensure that coal companies cannot continue to get a free ride from our banks.

Your donation will power our unstoppable community movement to keep coal in the ground protecting land, water, animals, communities and the climate from the disastrous impacts of Australia's coal.

Here's how your tax-deductible donation works

Your donation will go to Tipping Point, the organisation that supports the Move Beyond Coal, School Strike For 4 Climate and #StopAdani movements, and the national network of grassroots groups to flourish and win.

Your dollars will be hard at work...

  • bringing grassroots leaders together to get trained up and make powerful plans to keep coal in the ground
  • producing posters, banners, signs and flyers to get the Move Beyond Coal message to the community
  • giving Move Beyond Coal groups access to powerful digital tools to help them grow the movement, online and offline
  • helping Move Beyond Coal groups do what they do best: run powerful local campaigns that reach millions of Australians, suburb by suburb and town by town!

Tipping Point is a project of Friends of the Earth Australia.

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So what are you waiting for?

Together, we can move Australia beyond coal!