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Australia’s coal fuels global climate injustice

It doesn't matter where Australia's coal is burned, people and nature are feeling the impacts here and now.

From Australia’s catastrophic floods and bushfires, to devastating flooding in Pakistan and Bangladesh, deadly heat waves across India, and extreme weather and coastal erosion in the Torres Strait and the Pacific Islands – coal-fuelled climate change is already threatening the lives, livelihoods, culture, and homelands of billions of people around the world.

Too often, it is communities who have contributed the least to the crisis that are on the frontlines of devastating impacts. Australia's outsized contribution to climate change means we have a moral responsibility to act.

For decades, communities on the frontlines have been standing strong and demanding that governments of wealthy, big polluting countries like Australia step up to their climate responsibilities. We must stand with them and demand that Australia meets its international climate agreements, including stopping coal expansion immediately, and phasing out all coal by 2030.

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So what are you waiting for?

Together, we can move Australia beyond coal!