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Support Australia's 10 Methane Actions

The IPCC 6th Assessment Report clearly states that rapid cuts to methane of over a third by 2030 are vital to keep to the 1.5C target pledged under the Paris Climate Agreement.

Australia’s methane emissions from coal and gas are skyrocketing beyond official numbers. The IEA updated its energy methane estimate for Australia to be almost double our current nationally reported figures in the Global Methane Tracker 2022 update.v Satellites are showing evidence of problematic methane super-emitting mines. These discrepancies pose an unacceptable risk to Australia’s climate policy integrity, and risk our national emissions target.

Methane emitted from coal mines represents 23% of Australia’s total methane emissions, second only to agriculture, however mitigating it is four times cheaper. Across Australia, coal mines are emitting more than 1 million tonnes of methane every year. This makes up almost one-quarter of Australia’s total methane emissions, but it is also one of the quickest and cheapest sources to mitigate.

Ember's "Australia’s coal mines can deliver two-thirds of methane cuts" 18 Oct 2022

Ember's "Tackling Australia’s Coal Mine Methane Problem" Report  7 June 2022

Executive Summary

The Australian Government must sign the Global Methane Pledge and take urgent action on methane emissions.

Australia's 10 Methane Actions Supported by:

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Will you endorse?

On behalf of the Australian NGO community here undersigned, we request that the Australian Government rapidly reduce methane and take the following ten actions:

Establish a national framework & commitment to reduce methane

1. Join 120+ other countries and sign the Global Methane Pledge (GMP) by COP27. (WIN: Labor Gov commits to signing, 23 Oct 2022.)

2. Establish a national methane target and include this in Australia’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).

3. Develop a national methane action plan, with specific targets and critical pathways for rapid methane emissions reductions, prioritising action to reduce emissions in the domestic energy sector, and across coal and gas, and accelerating R&D investment in the agricultural sector for methane emissions reductions.

4. Work with states and territories to ensure scientific methane emission pathways are reflected in law and states' and territories' emissions reduction regulation. Coordinate funding and policy to ensure accurate methane measurement, emissions limits, and mitigation.

Restore integrity to Australian methane measurement

5. Ensure actual measurement of coal and gas methane emissions by updating National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting methods for measurement to continuous measurements on all drainage and ventilation systems for underground coal mines sensitive enough to measure 20 parts per million, and continuous methane measurements at all open cut coal mines and gas wells and infrastructure. Default emissions factors should be removed.

6. Build Australia’s scientific methane assessment capability to develop robust national accounts, baseline studies, reporting and verification - including investing in satellite and on-site verification.

7. Increase transparency in corporate reporting of methane emissions to state, territories, and federal regulators and the market, including publication.

8. Develop a comprehensive national database of all inactive and abandoned coal mines, to enable mitigation at abandoned coal mines, and ensure proper rehabilitation to prevent methane leakage upon closure. Methane measurements should be taken at all abandoned point sources.

Limit and mitigate methane emissions

9. Ensure federal policy such as the safeguard mechanism restricts methane emissions from coal and gas facilities and the sectors overall in line with a 1.5C target.

10. Catalyse mitigation by requiring the deployment of all feasible technologies across the energy sector, and cost-recovering government investment in mitigation and monitoring from industry. This is the time for the nation to push hard to preserve a safe climate, and to rejoin the international community who have pledged rapid global efforts to cut methane during this critical decade.

So what are you waiting for?

Together, we can move Australia beyond coal!