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Email JSW & JFE today.

Hello 👋 Thanks for checking out our email action. Here are five facts:

1. 💸 Whitehaven Coal spent $6.5 billion to buy the Blackwater and Daunia mines from BHP. They have six expansion projects on the cards but now have no spare cash to do it.

2. 🤝 They are currently seeking joint venture partners (JVPs) for the Blackwater coking coal mine, mostly tapping steel makers based in Asia.

From public reporting, we think that JFE Steel 🇯🇵 and JSW Steel 🇮🇳 are currently the top bidders for Blackwater. They are teaming up to buy a 30% stake in the mine.

4. 🐨 On top of the threat to climate and water, coal mining is having a disastrous impact on Australia’s iconic koalas. Coal mines - including Blackwater - are clearing thousands of hectares of important koala habitat and pushing koalas closer to extinction.

5. 🛑 If we stop this joint venture partnership, we stop money flowing to Australia's worst coal company.

📧 Send emails now to key decision makers at JFE & JSW, and tell them - for the sake of koalas and the climate - not to do business with Whitehaven Coal. 👉

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So what are you waiting for?

Together, we can move Australia beyond coal!