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Take the pledge to Turn Up the Heat on Labor!

I am deeply concerned about worsening extreme weather from climate change. 

I am ready to take a stand against the fossil fuel corporations that are undermining our politics to dig over 100 new climate-wrecking coal and gas mines. 

I am joining the movement to make the Federal Labor Government deliver the climate leadership we desperately need, starting with saying NO to all new coal and gas. 

I pledge to:

Use my voice to connect with the people in my community who are also ready to take action.

Stand with First Nations communities and our Pacific neighbours who are leading fights to protect country, waters and air.

Take a stand  through peaceful mass protests to turn up the heat on every politician still picking the side of coal and gas corporations.

The printable / offline version of the pledge can be found here

1,000 Signatures

83 Signatures

Will you sign?

So what are you waiting for?

Together, we can move Australia beyond coal!