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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese reassures mining and energy bosses while Labor does climate deal in Senate

David Crowe and Mike Foley, SMH, September 5, 2022 

Albanese told industry chiefs and the Minerals Council of Australia over dinner in Parliament House he wanted to increase public investment in mining to “unlock more value from our minerals” by creating products as well as exporting ore.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has assured mining company executives that he backs the continued export of energy and minerals as well as a shift to renewable power, as he clinches a deal in the Senate to cut carbon emissions by 43 per cent.

The Minerals Council fiercely opposed the mining tax Labor implemented in 2010 and the Coalition repealed in 2014, but Albanese last week ruled out a restoration of the tax after Melbourne University professor Ross Garnaut called for a new resources tax at the jobs summit.

“I want to emphasise that our government will continue to work with your businesses to reduce emissions in a predictable and orderly way, underpinning the transition with certainty,” Albanese said on Monday night.

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