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Stop money for Whitehaven Coal

In 2023, the Move Beyond Coal movement successfully stopped a $1bn loan from a huge syndicate of banks, including NAB and Westpac, from going to Whitehaven Coal to support their thermal coal expansion plans.

In 2024, Whitehaven Coal are now seeking funds from different, more expensive sources of finance- international banks, private financiers, bonds and joint venture partners.

We know from experience on the Stop Adani and Australian banks campaigns that a small group of people taking public, regular, digital (and sometimes in person) action can shift big, wealthy and even already committed targets. So, let’s get started.

Join the campaign with Move Beyond Coal to increase the financial burden for Whitehaven Coal by forcing them to take on more expensive debt and removing potential investors and partners. By increasing their costs, Whitehaven Coal are less likely to have the cash they need to begin greenfield projects like Winchester South, Vickery or continue their Maules Creek expansion.

It's time to Move Beyond Coal.

So what are you waiting for?

Together, we can move Australia beyond coal!