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Australia faces the biggest coal expansion threat in the world

Coal corporations plan to dig almost half the world's new proposed coal projects for export right here in Australia – that's more than anywhere else on the planet. 

Right now, there are 69 proposed new coal projects across NSW and QLD. These include some entirely new coal mines, and many expansions of existing coal mines.

As part of this expansion, Whitehaven Coal, one of Australia's biggest coal producers, is planning to DOUBLE its coal production with four dangerous new coal projects. 

Currently, Australia's federal environment laws do not require the Environment Minister to consider climate impacts when approving new coal projects – despite climate change being the greatest and most urgent threat to our natural environment. But 100 scientists are calling for these laws to be changed.

The world's scientists have warned that all coal expansion must stop immediately to avoid runaway global heating. If we want a chance at a liveable world, all 69 of Australia's new coal projects must be scrapped. 

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