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What's being planned

Move Beyond Coal teams and grassroots groups are teaming up with our partners, AYCC, GetUp! and ACF to take action at MPs offices and in the streets between Monday 29th April and Friday 10th May. 

With an upcoming Federal Budget deciding what gets funding, and a looming deadline for Labor to fix our environment laws so they consider the impacts of climate change, right now is a crucial moment to rise up and make our demands loud and clear: ❌no approvals or handouts for coal and gas ❌

In Labor seats - take action at your Federal MPs office, directly calling on them and Prime Minister Albanese to Keep Us Safe - No More Coal and Gas! 

In Coalition seats - take action in a high profile public place, Labor needs to see that even areas considered politically conservative want climate action.

In Teal/Green seats - take action in a high profile public place and show how strong the support for climate action is in your seat.

For more information and inspo check out this section of the Action Guide

So what are you waiting for?

Together, we can move Australia beyond coal!