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Whitehaven Coal is Australia’s biggest “pure play” coal corporation – that means it only mines coal. Whitehaven has no climate policy, no plans to stop mining coal, and no place in a liveable future beyond coal.

Right now, Whitehaven has plans to double its coal production with three massive new coal mining projects: Winchester South in Central Queensland, Vickery in Northern NSW, and Narrabri South.

The coal dug and burned over the lifetime of these three mines would unleash almost 1.1 billion tonnes of carbon emissions, the equivalent of almost twice Australia’s total annual emissions.

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Join the global call for justice

Moving beyond coal will protect communities and nature here at home AND stop Australia’s coal from fueling unjust climate impacts across the globe.

From the Pacific Islands and the Torres Strait, to Bangladesh and India, communities on the frontline of climate change are calling on big polluters like Australia to do more, and to move faster. We must stand with them.

Stand with first nations people

Australia is home to the oldest continuing culture in the world. But right now, mining projects are at risk of destroying thousands of cultural heritage sites.

Aboriginal people should have the final say over what happens on their land. We must stand with First Nations people who are leading fights to protect Country and demanding the right to veto destructive projects on their land.

Protect nature and animals

Coal mining is driving Australia’s extinction crisis. Clearing land for mining destroys habitat and kills plants and animals. Coal also drives climate change, which is having huge impacts on the Great Barrier Reef.

Moving beyond coal means we can protect precious wildlife and biodiversity for generations to come.

Take back our democracy

For too long, the coal lobby has poisoned our democracy with millions in political donations, billion dollar PR campaigns, and a revolving door between jobs in the coal industry and politics.

As a result, our governments have no plan to move Australia beyond coal. Together, we must take back our democracy from corrupt coal billionaires who are risking our health and safety for short term profits.

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So what are you waiting for?

Together, we can move Australia beyond coal!