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Keep coal in the ground

The solution to Australia's coal problem can be simple. If we keep coal in the ground, then we can solve Australia’s biggest contribution to the climate crisis.

We still have a chance at preserving a safer climate within 1.5°C of warming, but 95% of Australia's known coal reserves must stay in the ground. The science is unequivocal – there can be no new coal mines at all, starting right now, and we must phase out coal by 2030.

It won't be easy. For decades, the coal industry has held back climate policy with political donations and misleading PR campaigns. Today, our laws are stacked in favour of coal corporations' profits at the expense of communities and nature.

But if we join together and stand for justice, we can shift the power back to people.

Every fraction of a degree of warming we can prevent matters. The coal we keep in the ground today will protect lives, livelihoods, and nature for generations to come.

We must demand our leaders act in the interests of communities and nature, and ban all new coal projects immediately.


So what are you waiting for?

Together, we can move Australia beyond coal!